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Understanding Shopper Loyalty

Understanding Shopper Loyalty Within Different Retail Formats in Eurasia & Africa.
A study conducted by Shirland Ventures Limited for the Coca-Cola Retailer Research Council Eurasia and Africa (CCRRCE&A).

Shirland Ventures Limited and its partners in the Correlaction Network of companies conducted a study of current and future shopper loyalty in the vast and rapidly growing region of Eurasia and Africa.

Some of the key conclusions from this work were the following:

  • Retailers and manufacturers should address loyalty in a fluid, rather than static manner. A shopper’s view of channels stems from the relative convenience by which a specific store or channel can fulfill their purchasing demands at a specific point in time and place.

  • The primary tools by which retail outlets in a specific channel attract shopper loyalty change radically as markets develop. As markets in Eurasia and Africa develop, we observed a reversal in the perceived role of specific channels.

  • The location of a store, rather than the channel design of a store, is the single biggest determinant of shopper loyalty factors. The reasons for shopper loyalty to a given channel vary greatly between catchment areas.

  • Forecasted growth by channel to 2020 for nine key markets in Eurasia and Africa.

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