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Providing insight and value creation for consumer goods manufacturers, retailers and investors.

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Based in London with global reach and capability, aided by a partner network, Shirland Ventures works on go-to-market, capabilities and commercial due diligence projects in the Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.

We have built our business on a series of advisory relationships identifying new trends through a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, recommending actions that create value for our clients. Our ongoing research model allows us to maintain a current view of markets and be proactive in our advice whilst maintaining the capacity to react to specific research requests.

We strive to maintain long-term relationships with our clients on the basis of continuously providing relevant insights that create value for their businesses.

Our clients are a mixture of leaders and start-ups in their respective sectors who value our original insights and our ability to effectively communicate our findings so that they become actions.

Our Approach

At Shirland Ventures we believe in a bottom-up, data-driven, analytical approach combined with ideas, observations and experience gathered from more than a decade of work in the retail and consumer products industries.

Our global contacts across the retail, manufacturing and investment communities allow us to gather a broad, multi-cultural and seasoned perspective on issues. At the same time, we are continuously researching and building proprietary datasets and knowledge giving us a current view of market trends.

Our market surveys allow us to develop a visceral understanding of research topics which are then validated by quantitative and qualitative datasets. We are also accustomed to combining our insights with data from EPOS and client databases to produce more robust and precise analyses.

Our Approach
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